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Learning can be facilitated by taking quizzes to reinforce the readings and when the quizzes are done correctly to extend with some discussion.  The following is a list of quizzes that were developed to support the materials in this booksite/website.

  • Consensus Decision Process [CDP] – [Link] – Originally developed for Insitu management and quality systems training by the author.  Later will be adapted for generic use.  
  • Sample – [Link] – Quiz originally developed by quiz-maker on DHTML Goodies and adapted by the author for this website.
  • “Why Smart People Do Dumb Things” by Mort Feinberg – [Link] – Dr. Feinberg had been my executive coach for almost 20 years and he had been instrumental in my development.  The is a good summary of why people get in trouble and precautions that can be undertaken.
  • “Self-Destructive Intelligence Syndrom [SDIS] Diagnostic Tool”  – [Link] – Tool was developed based on the materials in his book “Why Smart People Do Dumb Things”

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