Seeq wins Best Workplaces of 2021 Accolade

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I am particularly proud of this recognition:

Survey’s of employees were performed and here are several employee quotes from the surveys:

“I’ve worked for a few organizations ranging from small academic research groups to Fortune 100 companies and I find that Seeq is the best overall. I have the freedom to explore new and crazy ideas as I would in a research lab without being shamed for being “unproductive” or have the opportunities to work with some of the greatest customers in the world that I’d only ever be able to get to with a larger organization. My coworkers/team members are some of the most inspirational people I’ve had the fortune to work with. Everyone has a keen ability to not only motivate each other, but to teach each other and learn from one another. The organization understands that ideas and innovations don’t always come from the top but that all opinions matter and can drive the company in a new and better direction. It’s an honor to work here.”

“Seeq is successful because they hire top talent, encourage their creativity, collaboration, contribution, and have created a remote-first culture built on transparency, strong communication, teaming, and putting customer success at the heart of our decision-making.  As Seeq has grown, it has remained agile – not afraid to experiment, learn, and act with urgency to execute things that work.  I’m not afraid to try an experiment and have it fail and this enables me/us to continue to be creative and productive.”

“I think the culture at Seeq is the best that I have ever experienced.  Everyone is so helpful, collaborative, and supportive.  I love the transparency that the leadership team shows by sharing all of the slides from the board meetings with the entire company.  I love that employees can really direct where they want their careers to go.  I have seen several people completely jump to different departments to follow their interests and develop different skills.  Overall I think Seeq is the best place to work!”

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