Feinberg: Growth Self-Assessment Checklist

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Growth Self-Assessment Checklist

By answering the questions below you can get some idea of your growth during the past year—in your working life and in your personal life. Whenever the answer is yes, check the appropriate box.  In judging your own responses, remember the first principle of maturity: Accept yourself! The number of checks you make is not significant. What does count is the quality of progress you have made in areas that you yourself select as important to your life.  Check off the list. Put it aside. Then, in six months, check it again.

Growth Self-Assessment Questions
(1 Year Span of Interest)


Personal Life

Did you take training or instruction to further your progress?


Did you step up your reading?


Did you increase your participation within group activities?


Did you improve your ability to handle routine and repetitive activities?


Did you at any time review what you are doing, asking which activities should continue, which should be dropped?


Did you find it easier to deal with people?


Did you have fewer emotional flare-ups?


Did you get greater enjoyment out of periods of R&R?


Devote more time to thinking about why others behave as they do?


Were you more likely to concentrate on one activity until it was complete?


Did you devote more time to helping others solve their problems?


Did you get greater satisfaction out of helping others?


Did you improve any of your skills?


Did you develop any new talents?


Any new conclusions about yourself, your personality, or your habits?


Did you seek more varied activities?


Did you develop new friendships?


Did you find yourself making more independent decisions?


Was it easier to live with problems that had no immediate solutions?


Did you change some of your opinions and feelings about things?


Did you show a willingness to open yourself to new experiences?


Did you gain a clearer conviction and/or a better understanding of the basic truths (religion, philosophy) in which you believe?


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