Dennis Muilenberg – People First, Customer Always!

In Leadership Resources by Steve Sliwa

Dennis Muilenberg was made the CEO of $34B Boeing Defense Security and Space in September 2009.  He subsequently was made the CEO of all Boeing in Chicago.  One of his key mantras, as he moved to implement his own vision for the organizations, was:

People First, Customers Always!

He believes that executing upon the People First theme includes the following:

Employee Development

  • Professional and Technical Training
  • Mentoring, Rotations, Knowledge Management
  • Employee Development Plans
  • Leadership Development / BLC / LTL
  • Succession Planning

Employee Engagement

  • Meaningful and Challenging Work
  • Timely and Sincere Recognition
  • HPWO and Employee Involvement
  • Employee Survey Action Plans
  • Roundtables, Webcasts, Staff Meetings, Blogs

Employee Health & Well-Being

  • Clean & Safe Workplace
  • Employee Wellness
  • People First – People Fit
  • Community Involvement and Volunteerism
  • Family Events

Employee Focused Culture

  • Open & Honest / Leadership Matters
  • Ethical Behaviors & Decisions
  • Diversity in Thought and Representation
  • PE BG&O’s and Discussions
  • Management Accountability Scorecard
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