Ten Questions Every CEO Should Ask Themselves

In Leadership Resources by Steve Sliwa


  Mort Feinberg sent me this list which illustrates his role has ‘Executive Coach’:
  1) Am I getting honest answers, accurate information and unfiltered opinions/feedback from each of my senior team … or am I getting the answers they perceive I want to hear?
  2) To whom do I turn for mentorship, coaching, advice, and feedback?
  3) How do I get better at what I do and what I am expected to do?
  4) What have I done or am I doing to ensure the business will continue long after I am gone (succession)?
  5) Is the title/role of CEO the right one for me or are my talents better served in a different role with different responsibilities?
  6) Do I really know our customers, the external and internal drivers or our business, the competitive challenges we face and the opportunities/challenges in front of us?
  7) Am I willing to let go and allow others to flourish?
  8) Do I have a long-range plan for success that is understood and embraced by all key stakeholders?
  9) What has our Company done recently that is creative, innnovative, and step ahead of our competitors?
  10) What have I done today to get closer to our customers, assemble/empower the best talent and assure the long-term competitive edge for the enterprise?

  I believe the source of this list is:  CEL & Associates
  Here are their archives for other interesting articles:  archives


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