Website Organization

In Introduction by Steve Sliwa

Sliwa Insights is organized into 2 main areas.

  • Insights
  • Library

The Insights section is the collection of posts, articles, and tools compiled by Steve Sliwa.  These are meant to particularly helpful for entrepreneurs, leaders, managers, and those actively engaged in planning, organizing, and leading others.

The Library section is a collection of resources that Steve Sliwa thought would be particularly helpful to entrepreneurs, leaders, and managers. The Library section is broken into 2 subparts:

  • Curated Resources — These are a variety of summaries, writings, and links to works of others.  If the ideas are knowingly adopted from others and links will be provided to the source materials when available.
  • Feinberg Library — The late Dr. Mortimer R. Feinberg was an industrial psychologist and executive coach that worked with Sliwa for nearly 30 years.  Dr. Feinberg gave permission for his works to be collected and made available online.  All of his publications but that last one (Why Smart People Do Dumb Things) are available here as that is still in print.

A comprehensive search engine is provided so users can find materials of interest.  Either location can be used or found as the website is navigated.


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