Seeq Corporation Launched

In Sliwa News by Steve Sliwa

I have been studying options for what is next.  I considered staying in semi-retirement but decided to jump back in the fray.  During the last year, I was working as an advisor for Ice Energy Technologies (IET) and met my future partner in Seeq, Brian Parsonnet.  I discovered that many businesses use process historians, but due to their architecture and evolution, they don’t support big data analytics.

So we decided to launch a company using big data technologies to support the collection and analysis of time-series data for process industries.  We named the company Seeq Corporation.  We use a tag line of:  Decision Support for Time-Series Big Data.  Our website is here:  link.

My partner in this business is Brian Parsonnet.

Our Co-Founders are:  Mark Derbecker and Jon Peterson

Our Founding Partners are:  Tabitha Colie, Dustin Johnson, Corinne Ilvedson, Mike Daly, and Bob Moll.

We raised money from angel investors associated with Insitu, some of their circle of friends, and from friends of the company.

We are starting to develop relationships with customers and expect to have shipping products in 2014.

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