Dr. Mortimer R. Feinber – Roast Materials Prepared by His Friends

In Biographies by Steve Sliwa

Dr. Feinberg has been pulling the wool over the eyes of some of the world’s most successful corporations and individuals as a consultant and advisor for nearly 2,000 years.

As one company CEO put it, “In front of an audience he is always a showman, a stirring orator, and with his wit, he will alternatively flagellate you and caress you.”  As another CEO introduced him, “Born in another Century, he would have been a prophet. Born in Africa he would have been a witch doctor. Born in the 16th century England he would have been Thomas Moore.”

A pioneer in the field of industrial psychology, Dr. Feinberg has insulted and pissed off a stellar roster of global chief executive officers, heads of state, and religious leaders for nearly six decades. He has successfully combined keen technological expertise – after years of training, he can now operate his cell phone – with a unique sense of humanity.  For example, he has been known to publicly recognize the cultural contributions of “ginnies, micks, and other forms of white trash” for their contributions to the development of the United States.

As an academic, Dr. Feinberg is a Professor Emeritus of Baruch College of the City University of New York having been the youngest man in the history of that learned institution to receive tenure.  He did so at the age of 25 and to this day denies that the compromising photos he possesses of members of the University’s Board of Trustees had anything to do with this accomplishment.

 A tireless lecturer and keynote speaker, Dr. Feinberg has highlighted the agenda for organizations and institutions such as the Catholic Garrison Knights of Columbus, the Jewish Center for the Sleep Deprived, and the Bowery Alumni Association. He has served as a conference leader for public and private corporations such as Enron, Tyco, and Merrill Lynch.

Dr. Feinberg has been credited with providing advice to some of the world’s most influential figures. In his book, “Why Smart People-Do What I Freakin’ Tell Them to Do,” Dr. Feinberg shares behind-the-scenes details of his personal conversations with individuals such as Mother Teresa, Howard Dean, and Bill Clinton.

“It was a cool night in Calcutta and I said, For God’s sake Terry, Put something on your head.'”

“Go ahead, Howard, scream, feel the moment, let it out; what harm will it cause your campaign? It will show the people you are human!” [Editor’s note: Howard Dean’s Scream speech did not work out well for him.],

“Always have pizza with a good cigar, Bill.”

As a sportsman, Dr. Feinberg has instituted many innovations to the game of golf.  Credited with developing the “Morty Follow Through,” Dr. Feinberg has perfected the technique of simultaneously teeing off and yelling “Marty, you putz!” As a result, he has consistently avoided fairways on some of the world’s most prestigious courses including Augusta National, Hudson National, and the Coney Island Pitch and Putt.

Fueled by an insatiable desire to positively impact the welfare of every individual who comes across his path, and armed with a style uniquely his own, Dr. Feinberg has endeared himself to countless individuals who consider themselves blessed for simply having met the good doctor, and more importantly for being able to call him “friend.”

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