Sliwa's Insights - Website/Booksite Introduction

This website is actually a compendium of materials being pulled together for a book ("booksite") based upon content previously used for teaching an MBA course on Leadership & Entrepreneurship. This community website is an experiment in content delivery and user interaction. Although viewers can merely lurk in the background, just absorbing data, information, and knowledge; proactive participation can not only lead to greater understanding it can result in better information flow for all. In fact, it is hoped that the community interactions will help to refine the knowledge delivery while substantiating the best lessons. Please feel free to join in and contribute at any level.

Selection of Background & Reference Images

Knowledgebase :: Resources for Leaders & Entrepreneurs

Organizational structure, features, and vocabulary for this website:

  • KnowledgeBase: An online collection of articles and files organized in a browseable and searchable database.
  • My Insights: Models, anecdotes, and maxims I have adapted and/or exploited for making a difference as an entrepreneur or leader.
  • Resources: An on-line compendium of useful information, articles, and downloads developed by others that I have collected for the benefit of website users.
  • Blog: Author's blog on the website along with commentary and day-to-day observations. Commentary might also be editorial in nature indicating the author's predilections related to current events and even politics.
  • Visitors and website users may leave comments for each article or posting within the KnowledgeBase or Blog sections or through the Contact Form.
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