Advanced Perception Equations

As an engineer, I feel compelled to expand upon the basic Perception equation. Those with a mathematical background might prefer a bit more structure in this illustrative model. We might refer to the standard Perception Equation as only the first order terms. A more proper formulation would be to include initial conditions.

The advanced perception equation would therefore be:

Perception = Reality + Communication + Bias

Perception:   The resulting collective view or impression that a person or group has about a topic of interest.
Reality   The actual truth about the topic of interest.
Communication   The collective information flow to that person or group about a topic of interest.
Bias   The preconceived understanding or prejudice about the topic of interest.  Also referred to as the initial



This is the same equation as before, but with an additional Bias term. This is equivalent to an initial condition on the Perception. What we really want to manage, therefore, is the change in Perception.  The ultimate Perception must overcome the initial bias or prejudice that one holds about the particular issue.

Since the initial bias term does not change, the change in Perception can be modeled as:

ΔPerception = ΔReality + ΔCommunication

ΔPerception:   The change in perception (delta perception).
ΔReality:   The change in reality (delta reality).
ΔCommunication:   The change in communication (delta communication).

So our initial Perception equation is still valid, but more precisely it estimates the change in Perception on a particular issue.

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